Said Person

Let’s say Carl here didn’t take the time to learn about ground water insurance clauses before his cottage basement became a swimming pool.

Are you a Carl?

Find out by taking the quiz below – and then take the right steps to gain peace of mind.

TEST YOUR seasonal property insurance iq

How much do you know about the unique aspects of insurance coverage for a cottage or seasonal property? Now’s the time to find out. Take our Quiz.

1. I leave my cottage unattended every winter. It's too cold and I'm not a snow bunny. Is it covered while I'm away?
2. I'm rebuilding my damaged island cottage. Why isn't the insurance covering the extra costs?
3. I couldn't believe how much damage one squirrel caused when it fell down my cottage chimney and got trapped inside for a week. Is the damage covered?
4. I have a huge septic tank. But I also get a lot of company and they can't seem to follow the washroom rules. Am I covered if the septic backs up?
5. If my cottage burns down, can I just get a cheque for the value and whistle while I walk away?
6. Are my boats and permanent dock covered by my cottage insurance policy?
7. I want to make some extra cash to help me buy a new boat, so I’m thinking of renting out my cottage on the weekends I’m not using it. Can I do that?
8. What type of insurance are you looking for today? (Select all that apply)

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