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Let’s say Linda here didn’t bother to learn about her business insurance details until after a cyber attack on her customer data.

Are you a Linda?

Find out by taking the quiz below – and then take the right steps to gain peace of mind.

TEST YOUR small business insurance iq

How much do you know about the details and increasing complexities of insurance coverage for your business? Now’s the time to find out. Take our Quiz.

1. What kind of insurance covers the increased costs to rebuild the structure that houses your business if a government changes the rules that impact that structure and the services of your building?
2. You leave your business laptop at a coffee shop and someone swipes the customer data from it. What kind of insurance would help?
3. Why pay $1 Million in replacement coverage when a commercial building only cost $200,000 when it was purchased?
4. A contractor leaves his tools in a secure trailer at a job site - and the trailer is stolen. Are the tools covered?
5. You're renting a small office building for your company; while cooking your lunch you accidentally start a fire and burn the building down. What kind of coverage would you need?
6. You mistakenly rent part of your commercial building to a bunch of wing-nuts and they maliciously trash the place. You don't have to worry because...
7. Your business has a fire and you're covered for the damages. But it takes two months to open again. What other coverage do you need?
8. What type of insurance are you looking for today? (Select all that apply)

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