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Commercial Insurance

There's nothing small about small businesses when you're in the owner's seat. Managing expenses and protecting assets are one and same, and the risks never seem small at all. Commercial insurance is one proven strategy to reduce risk. Having the right package tailored to your business also helps you sleep better.

The risks associated with business ownership have only increased over the last several years. Your liabilities are greater and more diverse Knowing more about the insurance coverage you have, need and the possible gaps there may be is the best coverage of all.

So - take the time to learn more, all you need to know. We have packages for contractors, real estate owners and developers, office-based businesses, retailers, tourism, light manufacturing and even a special package for home-based businesses. Nothing small about the depth of Commonwell coverage. Commonwell commercial insurance packages include peace of mind for:

Talk to The Commonwell's knowledgeable brokers, each one entrepreneurial in their own right. They can custom-tailor a package of coverage that will match your needs today.

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