Be prepared for a potential disruption in postal service.

It has become increasingly possible that all Canada Post mail service could come to a halt on July 2, if an agreement is not reached between Canada Post and the postal workers union.

We have been working hard to come up with alternatives to mail delivery for communication should this halt occur. Canada Post recommended June 23, 2016 as the last day to send mail to ensure safe delivery ahead of any service disruption. If you usually mail your insurance premium, arrangements can be made with your broker or agent to set alternative means of payment. Payment terminals for debit and credit card are available at all three of The Commonwell offices. (Alexandria, Lindsay and Perth).

Be sure to pay your premium on time to keep your coverage in effect.

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What makes you an individual is what we celebrate at The Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group. Because how we serve you when it matters is what makes us unique. We believe personal relationships matter. We know communities matter because we’re your neighbours. When it comes to insuring your home, your business and your car or truck, we understand what matters to you. If you prefer creeks to pools, that’s great. Whether you choose a quarter-acre lifestyle or just a big yard, we’re right there. It’s personal for us. We live where you live and insure the lifestyle you choose. As individuals, working together, for over 100 years.