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Insuring a Sense of Place

Smaller places, wide open spaces and neighbourhoods where kids can roam have all taken on a new lustre of late. The Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group specializes in protecting the families, the farms, the business owners and the individuals, who together, understand these places. Houses, trucks, tractors and cars, equipment, backyards, back forties and offices are assets you value and we insure. But it's this sense of place and what makes it unique that we've had in common all along.


Knowing more about what you value and the details of how you can protect it is the best insurance of all. That's why we support the personal relationships that make every insurance policy better. That's why we promote learning and transparency. So start here with an overview of the insurance products we offer that are relevant to you. And then talk to our local brokers to fine-tune the details for a match with your unique life.

Investing in Community Resiliency & Capacity

We believe deeply in the value of smaller places and wide open spaces; what we refer to as Commonwell Country. So we created an investment program to help our communities grow; growth that results in resiliency and capacity for the future. That’s why we invested in helping local high school students in your community fund their post-secondary education. That’s why we’re investing in local food security. Everything we do is called Care To Grow. Please join us.



The last few years have been challenging for many communities. Yet it is equally true that these same communities are learning to bounce back, creating new ideas and working together. At The Commonwell, we believe we can help speed up the process by investing in it. We call it L.E.A.F. – the Learning and Engagement Accelerator Fund. How it works is simple: We’re inviting every community in Ontario to earn L.E.A.F. grants that will help bring in new programming or update and upgrade community facilities where residents learn, play, engage and gather. If it builds capacity and resiliency, it will be considered.


The SEEDit Initiative

One out of every ten people in Ontario don’t have enough to eat and more lack access to fresh and nutritious choices. So let’s do something about that. The Commonwell’s SEEDit program inspires food sharing by helping you start a veggie garden in your backyard and giving you tips and advice to maximize your harvest. We’re helping backyard farmers grow what’s good, share it with others and create communities of like-minded neighbours. SEEDit is just the beginning of improving food security together.