Said Person

Let’s say Ashley here only looked into her auto insurance coverage after her sister’s new boyfriend reversed it into the garage wall.

Are you an Ashley?

Find out by taking the quiz below – and then take the right steps to gain peace of mind.

TEST YOUR automobile insurance iq

You know how to get under the hood of your car. But how much do you know about automobile insurance coverage and why it costs what it does? Now’s the time to find out. Take our Quiz.

1. If I lend my car to my neighbour Bozwell and he rear ends someone on the highway, whose insurance goes up?
2. If I buy a red car, will my insurance be higher than if I'd bought a white car?
3. I'm a good driver without tickets or any accidents. Why do my rates increase every year?
4. If I'm using my personal pick-up truck or car as a business vehicle, is it still covered under my personal auto policy?
5. I hit a patch of ice and my car wraps itself around a tree. I blame either the ice or the tree. Is that considered At Fault?
6. Are insurance companies allowed to charge whatever they want for auto insurance coverage?
7. When I moved from Collingwood to Brampton, my insurance went up: Same car, same driver, higher rates. Why?
8. The parking police in my town pick on me. Do my rates go up when I get parking tickets?
9. What type of insurance are you looking for today? (Select all that apply)

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