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Residential / Home and Property Insurance

Almost 60,000 home owners across Ontario depend on the Commonwell to protect the most important place in their lives – their homes. We tailor our policies specifically to your home. Whether it sits on a dozen acres or is one hopscotch game away from the neighbour’s, it matters not. We know your home is your pride and where your most treasured memories are made. That’s why we’ll match a policy and coverage to your needs. And be there for you through every stage and season your home and family go through.

Home and Property Insurance Coverage Options

Guaranteed rebuilding costInflation protection
Domestic service line coverageAdditional Water Escape
Total risk coverage on your house and other buildings, and personal propertyWater Plus (flood and sewer back up)
$1,000,000 liability, $1,000 Voluntary Property Damage and $2,000 Voluntary Medical PaymentsPersonal property equal to 80% of building amount, including replacement cost

Every home is different. But how much it matters to us is the same no matter where we live. Talk to a Commonwell Broker who understands that, and will take the time to get to know your home inside and out. Our insurance brokers know your community and share your lifestyle. Think of them as your local guides, and be sure to discuss all your insurance questions to promote complete understanding. That’s the huge difference our brokers make.

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