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Residential Insurance

Your home is more than just four walls, a roof, some windows and the workshop in a garage It’s where you make your life, with all of the family dinners, street hockey games out front and kids running free range around the neighbourhood.

The homes in Commonwell country are also unique more often than not. Having a little more land encourages self-expression and customized building. Our policy-holders in sub-divisions individualize their homes too - that shed out back isn't just a shed - could be a pottery room and wood-working shop.

What home ownership boils down to in the context of insurance is simple: does the policy truly cover what you value? Not just the cookie-cutter stuff, but based on a discussion with someone who gets it and values the same things you do. We say it matters and that's just one Commonwell difference. Residential coverage options include:

Talk to a Commonwell broker about creating a residential insurance package for your exact needs today.

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