Said Person

Let’s say Alan here only thought to look into his insurance coverage after his new ski boat did an amazing nose turn right into the dock.

Are you an Alan?

Find out by taking the quiz below – and then take the right steps to gain peace of mind.

TEST YOUR watercraft insurance iq

You know the joy of being on the water floats your boat, but how much do you know about watercraft insurance coverage? Now’s the time to find out. Take our Quiz.

1. How do insurance companies come up with a rate for my boat?
2. Do I have to cancel my boat insurance every winter?
3. Is it the law in Ontario that I must have boat insurance?
4. What is the difference between Actual Cash Value and Agreed Value?
5. Is my boat covered while I trailer it to and from storage?
6. Are there any secrets to reducing the cost of my marine insurance?
7. What if I want to sail or drive my boat down the coast to Florida? Is it covered?
8. What type of insurance are you looking for today? (Select all that apply)

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