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If you already hold a policy with either Farmers’ Mutual Insurance Company (Lindsay), Glengarry Mutual Insurance Company or Lanark Mutual Insurance Company, the following information will hopefully answer any questions that you might have about the merging of the three companies. If you have anything further that you’d like to know, feel free to contact your regional office.

Generally speaking:

  • Once the amalgamation is in effect, your insurance coverage remains in effect. You don’t need to do anything for it to stay that way.
  • On that note, nothing will change as of January 1st, when The Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group will open its doors to new members. Your coverage will remain in full force and full effect. Your broker can help if you do have coverage concerns.


  • Steps are underway to align all of the products and pricing of the three companies. This effort also extends to minimizing premium changes.
  • Pricing will be aligned for all policies commencing with new business in May 2014 and for renewals from July 2014 going forward. Any changes that do occur will be outlined in correspondence in those renewal documents.
  • The goal is to maintain rate stability as much as we possibly can. Some small increases and decreases can be anticipated for most policies. A few may experience larger adjustments. And we want to enhance some coverage for your benefit.
  • You don’t need to change your monthly premium payment plan to the new company. They’ll automatically be changed upon renewal. You don’t need to take any action at all as the merger moves ahead.


  • The amalgamation was proposed because each company’s Boards of Directors believe in the strength that can come from it. By merging together the individual financials and business relationships of Glengarry, Lanark and Farmers’, all three will be better equipped to compete in the constantly changing insurance industry.
  • You’re being made aware of the amalgamation because all three companies are Ontario mutual insurance corporations, licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. Our policyholders are members of the corporation and are entitled to receive a report of our annual results, to be advised of all Annual and Special General Meetings, and to participate in them. We’re required to make our members aware of the proposed amalgamation and to seek their support. We also want to. It’s what makes us, as mutual insurance companies, that little bit different.

Brokers and Agents:

  • Your broker or agent will remain the same, as will your relationship with them. This merger is about continuing the valued aspects of mutual insurance and the broker-to-policyholder connection is one of them.

New Name:

  • While the new company’s approach to business won’t change after the amalgamation, the name will be different. We want to make it clear that we have a strong sense of community and a strong commitment to our policyholders. And we stand on common ground with you in the way that we live, where we live and how we want to be a little individual in doing so. This has set us apart historically. It will continue that way as long as we keep on doing it together.
  • A new name is important in this case. Three financially strong entities with equally as strong personalities need to have their legacies honoured in a meaningful way. They also need to have the opportunity to refresh and revive mutual insurance, with a unique difference. This is our chance to carve a new place in the world of insurance. We’re keeping to our values and our promises to both our policyholders and our brokers by illustrating them in the new name, the new logo and the new tagline. This will keep us grounded as we move forward into the future identity that we create for ourselves.