That family ski boat you inherited from your uncle has cost you more to maintain than it’s given back in days on the water. But you love it, your kids adore it, your spouse tolerates it, and the memories attached can’t be traded. Or maybe you’ve got a cruiser that you lovingly clean for hours. It hasn’t had a problem once, but you never know what might happen to it, even out of the water.

That’s why you need a unique insurance policy that fits the watercraft you can’t cruise without. Talk to a nearby broker or agent about a policy that could cover:

  • All risk form, full cash value, with depreciation waived on partial losses for watercraft under 10 years of age.
  • $1,000,000 liability and $1,000 voluntary medical payments.
  • $500 all risk coverage for personal property.
  • Additional 5% coverage for tenders.
  • Permission to sign routine marina Hold Harmless agreements.
  • Land transportation within 500 miles from home ports.
  • Discounts for an automatic fire extinguisher system, power squadron training and diesel power.
  • Claims free experience.
  • Any two or more – U.H.F. radio, Depth Sounder, Sonar, Radar, Loran or GPS.

And there are a variety of other options that can all be added into your individual policy to really make it yours. If the the time comes when you need to put your coverage to use, contact your broker or agent. A regional office will also be able to help.