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Optimize Efficiency and Defeat Risk with PrevTech and The Commonwell

An Extra Set of Hands

Farmers have a lot to worry about and The Commonwell wants to lend a hand. As part of our continued commitment to our agricultural members, The Commonwell is pleased to announce our partnership with PrevTech, a firm specializing in optimize operational efficiencies and protection of agricultural risks through technology.

PrevTech’s simple and non-invasive device monitors electrical and thermal anomalies to provide early warning of potential fire causing failures and preventative diagnostics in farm operations. Their monitoring service acts as an ‘always on’ pair of eyes for farm electrical systems and will provide SMS notifications when anomalies are detected. This partnership will provide new and existing members of The Commonwell the tools and assistance to look for opportunities to increase operational efficiency and enhance their risk management efforts. The combination of device and simple to use dashboard provide an awareness that allows you to prioritize opportunities to reduce wasted electricity and get ahead of potential repairs on their own schedule. This will help increase your overall efficiency while saving time and money allowing the you to act on the most pressing risks to your operations.

Member Advantage

Members of The Commonwell who install PrevTech’s device and monitoring service are eligible for discounted insurance rates and The Commonwell Member Credit on PrevTech devices. Talk to your broker today about accessing the discount and fill out the form to contact PrevTech for your a quote with your member credit. Not a member of The Commonwell? Find a broker and get started today.

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