Whether it’s a car accident, a burglary at home or at the store, perhaps a problem with your boat; you’ll want to report it. While we’re here to ensure a smooth claims process, starting with a call to your broker or agent, there are a few things that you should do as soon as the incident occurs and shortly afterwards:

  • Report any auto accident to the police, regardless of who’s at fault.
  • Also report a burglary or loss from theft to the police.
  • Provided that it’s safe to do so, go ahead with any minor temporary repairs and/or take other steps to protect your property from further damage. Maintain records of any expenses during these temporary repairs to provide to your adjuster.
  • Don’t dispose of any damaged items as the adjuster may want to have a look at them.
  • Your insurance adjuster will contact you and help you proceed with your claim. They’ll explain what forms or documents you’ll need to complete the claim.
  • Please provide us with all phone numbers for where we can reach you.

We’ve provided some quick links which are in PDF and can be printed off for ease of accessibility:

What to do in the event of An Auto Accident


Lightning and Electrical



Wood Stoves

Damage to home and contents

Claims Made Against You