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Start A Wave Of Support For C.A.R.E Contributors!

In 2016, we started a Facebook movement called ‘The Wave’. 10 regional Facebook pages were created, inviting members of the various communities to post shout-outs to their favourite small business owners.

This year, we’re shifting the focus: we’re ‘waving’ to individuals who make our communities really great. The firefighters who volunteer their time, the Moms who coach kids’ sports teams, the retirees who spend their afternoons collecting donations for charities in shop fronts – the examples of good people doing good things are endless. We’re calling them C.A.R.E. Contributors, a nod to our community outreach program, and we want to show our thanks.

So, we need your help! We need to know who to ‘wave’ to, and we have some Criteria and Easy Steps below. If you know of a person who truly gives back to their community, click on one of the regional pages listed to the left here, and send a direct message to that page with some interesting facts about the person you’d like to nominate! Here’s an example from our The Wave in Ottawa page.

We work and live where you do, in these tight-knit communities we call home, so we appreciate the neighbours who are always giving back. It’s time to say thank you, with a wave!


  1. Has or is currently volunteering within the community
  2. Is known for their philanthropy, kindness and/or helpfulness towards others
  3. Goes above and beyond in their role (whatever it may be) to make others feel good and to contribute positively
  4. Altruistic and friendly
  5. Is willing to speak to Commonwell and be featured on social media
  6. Works within your region
  7. Has a clean record


  • Click on the ‘Wave’ page listed to the left that is most applicable to where you live.
  • Send a message to that page with some quick facts about the person you’d like to nominate as a real C.A.R.E. Contributor. We’ll respond ASAP!
  • From there, we’ll organize a quick call with the nominee to get all the right facts, then POST A WAVE to them!


Or, feel free to: