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SEEDit is a Commonwell program to support capacity, resiliency and growth in the communities we call home.


One in ten Ontarians don’t have enough to eat and more lack access to nutritious fresh food. They are neighbours and your friends in communities down the road. So let’s do something about that. Let’s grow fresh food and share a portion of our harvests with local food banks, community groups, neighbours and friends. That’s the purpose of SEEDit – a Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group initiative.

The SEEDit Voucher Program is now complete for 2023. Visit the SEEDit Facebook Group to see the progress SEEDit gardeners are making this year. Check back in Spring 2024 for more vouchers.


REGISTER FOR A VOUCHER If you haven’t started your fresh food garden yet or if you’re just seeing green shoots, start planning how you’ll share some of what you grow in your community now. Visit the SEEDit Facebook Group to join hundreds of backyard gardeners who are growing food security in their neighbourhoods.

REDEEM YOUR VOUCHER at the garden centre you selected. Print your voucher at home or show it on your phone at the garden centre.

GET GROWING in your backyard or balcony. The more you plant, the more good you’ll do. Join the SEEDit Facebook Group to share your garden photos and get growing tips and advice while you’re there.

As your garden starts producing, SHARE A PORTION OF WHAT YOU GROW with your local food bank, community group or neighbours. Pick it, put it in a bag, drop it off and grow the smiles.

SHARE YOUR PHOTOS and inspire your personal network. Join the SEEDit Community Facebook group. Get tips from local farmers, chefs and experts. Use the #CommonwellSEEDit hashtag in your posts.


Sharing what we grow is an important step toward improving food security at the grassroots level. Fresh and nutritious food does more than fill plates for a hungry family – it fills the future with hope and community commitment. That’s what we’re growing with SEEDit. There are three ways to share:

Food Banks

Bag a portion of what you grow, put SEEDit stickers on the bags and take it to the local food bank in your area. Foodbanks Canada or
Feed Ontario for info and locations.

Your Neighbours

Share some of what you grow with the folks next door. That’s what good neighbours do.

A Community Group

Share some of your harvest with local service clubs, shelters, community outreach clubs and other similar organizations.


Join the SEEDit Facebook Community for insights, tips and to stay up to date on what other SEEDit participants are growing. A double row of beans? Enough eggplant for ten lasagnas? Wow – this is going to be amazing!

Thank you for joining SEEDit (where every plant makes a difference). You can expect to receive your voucher via email within 24 hours. Please wait 24 hours before following up on your voucher.

Join SEEDit on Facebook and meet all the other participants. And just as important, let your friends know about SEEDit so they can join in too.

SHARE YOUR NEWS Spread the word. Tell your friends about SEEDit so they can make a difference too.