The L.E.A.F. Initiative is a Commonwell program to support capacity, resiliency and growth in the communities we call home.

Your Brain on Food

26 Montreal Rd CornwallK6H 1B1

Target Completion Date: December 31, 2023

What is this project about?

The Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area has developed a nurturing food literacy and cooking program for youth and young adults that support the creation of strong mental health.

We believe the integration of healthy eating and the power of food will promote optimal nutrition, enhance cognitive function and improve emotional and behavioural well-being. Studies are beginning to show us more and more of a direct link between our diets and our
mental health.

Our program focuses on teaching youth and young adults to make healthy food choices that can positively impact their mental well-being while learning how to prepare delicious, nutrient-dense foods together in the kitchen.

We are looking for continued resources to help with the costs of delivering this program and to build a more permanent culinary teaching kitchen. Our goal is to continue educating our community with local resources that can complement and strengthen mental health prevention and ultimately build personal resilience in our community.