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‘ The Completion of the Tatlock Hall “Field of Dreams” ‘

696 Concession 7 Darling , Clayton, On (Mailing Address); Lanark Highlands (GPS) TatlockK0A 1P0

Target Completion Date: September 30, 2022

What is this project about?

The project is all about the perseverance of a few people in a rural community of less than 1000 people.
In 1995, The Tatlock Hall Sports Organization had a dream for a “flat surface” to play sports. This did not materialize for the next 25 years except for their efforts to acquire five acres of property for Darling Township (amalgamated in 1997 as Lanark Highlands) from Lanark County.
In 2007, the 55 ton Tatlock Community Hall was moved 300 metres from a busy traffic corner to the five acre site. Community effort, township funding and a $70,000 Trillium Grant saw the hall renovated and become operational in September 2010. A storage area, kitchen and foyer were added on to the one-time church. Its first move was, as a pile of lumber, from Brightside to Tatlock in 1939.
In 2010, a $20,000 New Horizons grant provided funding to transform the basement to a conference room (library), kitchenette, with a shower and additional washrooms. It could now serve as an emergency preparedness centre.
The “Field of Dreams” was revived in 2018 when Aviva offered grants to do special projects. The Tatlock Hall Association applied for a $10,000 grant to make a “flat surface”. With over 240 votes by neighbours and friends they were awarded one of the 50 Small Idea Aviva Community Grants given annually across Canada. Fund raising by Tatlock Hall Members and helpers provided an additional $10,000.
In January 2019, Lanark County approved a community grant of $5,000 for playground equipment. This provided funds to purchase the commercial grade Can Play play structures from a contractor that was going out of business.
Additional funding was provided by the Tatlock Hall fund raising activities and the help of Covid Relief Funding. With over 200 hours of donated time the play area took shape and was completed this October 2021.
This last summer saw a “rocky surface” transformed to a “flat surface”. The removal of Canadian Shield type rock outcrops and over 600 volunteer hours of hauling sand, levelling of the area (300’x300’), obtaining and distributing compost, planting of grass seed, etc. etc.. resulted in a beautiful green “flat” field.
Our project now is to make a soccer/baseball field – the Realization of the “Field of Dreams”. We need soccer nets, a baseball infield, a pitcher’s mound, a back stop, bleachers and possibly more fencing.
The accomplishments made: the hall, the basement, the play structure, the flat field are due to the obtaining of the grants and the boundless generosity of friends, neighbours, community members and members of the Tatlock Hall Association that devoted their time, initiative and resources to these projects. Thank You All So Much.