We might not all have one, or live on one, but we’ve definitely got a soft spot for the farming way of life here at The Commonwell. It’s why we started doing what we do 118 years ago and what keeps us a little different from the rest. As we expand and grow across Ontario, we’ll always maintain our grassroots knowledge and understanding of agri-business, our love of the fresh air and even a little dirt. That’s what we share with you, and why insuring your farm is a top priority.

What we also understand is that every farm is a little different from the next, with unique insurance requirements. You’ll need some essential coverage options which could include:

  • Farm dwellings (including personal property, living expenses and personal effects)
  • Outbuildings
  • Livestock & produce
  • Machinery
  • Business interruption and builders’ risk
  • Personal liability
  • Liability for others’ onsite livestock
  • Limited pollution liability
  • Livestock mortality (cattle & horses)

We offer customized packages to suit every bit of your farm, whether it’s a hobby farm or a full dairy operation. Talk to your broker or agent about creating the best insurance policy for you. And if the time comes when you need to make a claim, that same broker, or a representative at your regional office, will be there to help out and get you back into the daily run.