The L.E.A.F. Initiative is a Commonwell program to grow capacity and resiliency in the communities we call home.

Empey-Poirier Park – Playground Project

6086 Vine St WilliamstownK0C 2J0

Target Completion Date: December 31, 2023

What is this project about?

The Empey-Poirier Park Playground Project’s purpose is to install a new playground and swing set to service the Township of South Glengarry, specifically the Glendale subdivision community. The previous structure and swing set was removed in the Fall of 2022 following a failed play structure inspection, therefore the Township and community would like to install a replacement in the near future in order to continue providing recreation opportunities to the Glendale community.
Empey-Poirier Park offers a large green space, outdoor rink, basketball court and previously a play structure and swing set. This park has been highly used in the past and with a new play structure and swing set, it will provide a safe and active opportunity for growth, play, and learning within the Township.